What are Micro Nanobubbles?

A Revolution for Cleanliness and Health

Sustainable Innovation

Nanobubbles are gaining ground as a revolutionary technology with applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, hydroculture and food production. This technology is not only easy and economical to implement, but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Sterilizing power

Nanobubbles have the ability to generate active oxygen when they contract and collapse, a process that can be amplified with the introduction of ozone. This mechanism produces no toxic byproducts and represents a safe sterilization method.

Nanobubbles in Action

With the absence of chemicals, cleaning through nanobubbles is an eco-friendly option that uses the activating property of the bubbles to reinvigorate cells and support natural healing, also proving effective in the treatment of gum disease and infections.

Growth and Protection

Nanobubbles are allies in organic growth, improving the growth rate of plants and increasing their sugar content. Furthermore, they have been shown to protect cellular structures, particularly in freezing situations, offering new perspectives also in the medical field.

Medical Applications

Nanobubble technology is generating interest for potential treatments of various pathologies, including several types of cancer and chronic diseases. Water enriched with nanobubbles, used in the past as an important remedy, is now easily obtainable with modern systems, paving the way for innovative treatments and disease prevention.

Global Impact

The introduction of simple and accessible water purification systems, based on nanobubble technology, could be a key factor in improving the health of millions of people, contributing to a double preventive and curative action.

Oxygen nanobubbles, in particular, prevent the adhesion of macrophages to endothelial cells, once again highlighting the potential of this technology for human and animal health.

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